Keith Preston lays a great deal of value on taking personal care of every project, to take a long and loving look at every detail.

Our purpose is to build golf courses which give joy and pleasure for every player. The player is often challenged and must make decisions, whether to play conservatively or take a risk with hope of a reward at the end. Our staff, advisors and consultants such as ecologists, greenkeepers and agronomists, share our values and provide an invaluable contribution to the final product.

Great value is laid on using the natural and unique features of the land. This not only serves the purpose of protecting the original landscape, but also helps reduce the building cost and development expenses.

Our golf courses are constructed at reasonable cost, and are easy to maintain. They offer a fair challenge for all players and remain in peoples memories. They are rich in variation and always exciting to play.

With a distinctive and creative flair for environmentally responsible design and ability to evoke and embrace new technology, the Keith Preston Golf Design company is well prepared for the continual expansion of golf in this part of the world.


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